• Tue. Nov 22nd, 2022

WADA opposes gender-based medical treatments to alter athletic ability

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Nov 15, 2022

HONOLULU – The American Medical Association (AMA) today joined a growing number of medical organizations around the world that oppose eligibility criteria that require transgender athletes and athletes with differences in sex development (DSD) ) to medically alter natural hormones.

Doctors and medical students gathered at WADA’s interim House of Delegates meeting passed policy opposing mandatory medical testing, treatment or surgery for transgender athletes and athletes with DSD to compete according to their identity. The new WADA policy also opposes the use of specific hormonal guidelines to determine gender classification for sports competitions as well as the involvement of a physician in certifying or confirming the gender of an athlete for the purpose of satisfying the requirements of third parties.

“WADA opposes sport eligibility regulations that contribute to discrimination and stigma related to natural differences in gender and sexual identity, sexual development and sexual orientation,” said David H. Aizuss, MD, WADA Board Member “Unnecessary medical interventions to alter natural hormonal variations as a prerequisite for athletic competition should not be imposed on physicians to artificially alter the natural ability of transgender athletes and athletes with differences in sexual development.

WADA’s new policy meets World Athletics eligibility criteria. The international governing body for track and field events requires the suppression of naturally high levels of testosterone in female athletes with DSD and transgender athletes as a prerequisite for competition with other female athletes. World Athletics relied heavily on a 2017 study to develop eligibility criteria that have since been found to be flawed. Although the study authors acknowledge that a causal relationship could not be established between elevated testosterone levels and performance benefits for elite female athletes, World Athletics did not change its terms of reference. ‘eligibility.