• Sun. May 22nd, 2022

The medical team provides an update on Christmas injuries – News

As the Shrimps get closer to mid-season, the Club’s medical team is on hand to report the latest injury news.

Ryan Delaney and Scott Wootton were both forced out during our recent clash with Sky Bet League One in Portsmouth, and while the former is back in shape and eager to leave, the latter faces a spell on the line. sideline after muscle injury.

“He [Wootton] pulled his fem rec [rectus femoris], which is his thigh muscle, hitting the ball, ”Farnworth said.

“He will be out for a while, he had a second year of rehabilitation, so it will take up to four weeks after his injury before he returns to the game, he is in rehabilitation today, he is in the gym.

“He’s progressing well.

Young Freddie Price was forced out of action for three months after a training ground accident.

“We were training on the astro turf last week and a bullet was stolen in his face from about two meters away, a horrible blow to the face.

“Fortunately, we took him to the hospital, he was unconscious for over five minutes, which is really scary.

“He has had all the scans he needs, he has seen all the neurologists and the news is really good, he will not play football for three months, he has had a serious brain injury, but he will make a full recovery and he will be playing again in about three months.

“This is good news, although it was a very unpleasant incident.”

Forward Courtney Duffus also finds himself on the injured list after undergoing knee surgery to relieve a source of pain from a pre-injury injury early in his career.

Farnworth continued, “He had issues with his knee, and we didn’t know why that had happened, we had him scanned and he had loose bodies in his knee.

“He had a previous ACL repair with Andy Williams many years ago, four or five years ago, and they think it might be debris after that.

Speaking on Duffus’ scheduled return to action time, first team athletic rehabilitator Oliver Howse said: “We are now looking at a couple of weeks he had his minor operation just to get rid of all the bodies. loose from his knee.

“We have a few weeks of rehabilitation, but it shouldn’t be too long.

“He has his stitches for 10 days and once they’re out we can actually start using his joint movements.”