• Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Sri Lanka deploys army medical team to South Sudan

Sri Lanka today deployed an army medical team to South Sudan to join the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission.

The first group of the 8th contingent of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC), bound for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission at South Sudan Level 2 Hospital (UNMISS) to serve SRIMED hospital left Sri Lanka today.

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva was at the airport to welcome the team before their departure.

The 8th contingent bound for South Sudan, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel NM Niflar and the 2nd Commander, Major DYS Kumara, is made up of 66 soldiers, including Brigadier Kalana Wijewardana, consultant surgeon, 13 officers and 4 medical specialists. The contingent includes the head of the department, nurses, intensive care nurses (gynecologic), operating room technician, physiotherapists (DPM), radiologist, radiology technician, radiologist, dentist and dental assistant, dental technician, medical storekeeper, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, laboratory technician, laboratory technologists, communication technicians, hygiene assistant, administrative clerk, cooks, ambulance drivers, sanitary service man , morgue attendant, etc. and other ranks of Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (40) Sri Lanka Signal Corps (02), Corps of Engineer Service (02), Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (04), Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (01) and Sri Lanka Navy (01).

The remainder of the contingent is due to depart on January 31, 2022, shortly after the return of the first group of the contingent to service.

This new SRIMED hospital based in Bor, South Sudan, equipped with the necessary components for secondary care medical services, including operating room, labor room, intensive care unit, emergency department, ward outpatient clinic, dental surgery, dental workshop, pharmacy, medical store, radiology department, clinical laboratory, ECG room, sterilization department, biomedical engineering section, waste disposal section medical, freezing mortuary, isolation room and laundry rooms as well as an aero-medical evacuation facility with ambulatory resuscitation and ventilation capabilities, is operated by Sri Lankan troops and their services to this day under 7 contingents received praise from the UN authorities. (Colombo Diary)

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