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Simple Steps to Fund Medical Treatments with the Help of Crowdfunding in India

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

May 28, 2022

In India, medical expenses are one of the major causes of poverty which negatively impacts millions of lives every year. In fact, India’s out-of-pocket expenses are considered one of the highest in the world, driving a majority of Indians to pay expensive medical bills, making health care unaffordable. In fact, the Lancet reports that more than 24 lakh Indians die each year from treatable diseases, one of the main reasons being the unaffordability of quality health care.

Today, millions of Indians are looking for affordable ways to fund medical treatments for their serious illnesses by raising money on crowdfunding platforms. Through crowdfunding, patients and their families receive financial assistance for medical expenses such as covering long-standing hospital bills, surgery expenses, treatment expenses, post-operative expenses, and more. – by collecting donations from a large group of generous donors.

Here are some simple steps that can help you organize successful crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Choose the right crowdfunding platform: Launching your fundraiser on a reputable crowdfunding platform that has shown key results can make the process of reaching your goal easier. Look for crowdfunding platforms that are committed to helping you and the cause, providing a user-friendly experience, personalized support, providing timely updates to you and donors, and facilitating the Hassle-free withdrawal of collected funds.

2. A captivating and heartwarming story: In order for donors to believe in your cause and donate for the same cause, it is essential that they connect with the story you share.

3. Harness the power of social media to the fullest: Sharing is the key to maximizing your fundraising reach. Over the past two years of pandemic and lockdown, it has been observed that online crowdfunding platforms and social media platforms are seeing their traffic increase month by month. The power of digitalization has helped the said platforms to observe double donations per minute after the pandemic with an average of 5 donations received every minute!

4. Upload photos and videos: Visual aids help convey real emotions and build trust. A short video talking about the patient, their illness, their financial needs and how donations will help build a compelling story.

5. Share relevant documents: Sharing relevant medical documents and bills helps add credibility and authenticity to your cause. Remember that online donors don’t know you as well as your loved ones. It is therefore essential to give them all the necessary information.

6. Express your gratitude: Share a thoughtful thank you message with your donors. It also motivates donors to share your fundraiser in their social circle, increasing its reach.

Power of medical crowdfunding

Medical crowdfunding has helped patients with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), cancer, transplants and other serious diseases immensely. With the help of medical crowdfunding, patients diagnosed with rare diseases have received representation and financial support, raising up to Rs 16 crore to afford the world’s most expensive gene therapy, Zolgensma. Crowdfunding, in many ways, has changed people’s belief that no matter the cost, they are not alone in this fight against their medical emergency. In the days to come, we hope more people will realize the benefits of medical crowdfunding and how it helps close the healthcare gap by making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.



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