• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Nigerians will not pay for medical services if elected president

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

May 8, 2022

Former Senate Speaker and presidential candidate on the People’s Democratic Party platform Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has pledged that Nigerians will not pay for medical services if he is elected President of Nigeria in the year next.

Saraki said so on Sunday when he met with former Kaduna state governor Senator Ahmed Makari, delegates and other stakeholders in Kaduna ahead of the party’s primary scheduled for later this month.

The former Senate Speaker and his entourage arrived at the party secretariat at the former NDA, Ungwan-Shanu, in Kaduna at around 2:00 p.m. to address delegates and other party officials.

Speaking, Saraki told delegates that he was in the state to solicit votes and formally notify them of his intention to run for president in 2023 and seek their support while stressing the importance of State in the social, economic and political affairs of the country.

The former Senate Speaker, who lamented the sad state of the security situation in the country, especially in the North West geopolitical zone, said if elected President, he would turn the tide by securing Nigeria .

The presidential hopeful noted that if elected president of Nigeria, he would ensure that Nigerians no longer pay for medical services.

It is just as he said he had the ability to unite Nigerians, adding that he would serve as a bridge builder between north and south as well as old and young.

According to him, without unity there will be no peace and progress, adding that the delegates should elect someone like him who can lead and unite Nigerians regardless of their religious or ethnic affinities.

The former Senate President said: “Distinguished delegates, 2023 is not the time to vote for just anyone as President. This country is in a very difficult situation and no one knows it better than Kaduna State. In 2015, you get in your car, day or night, and drive to Abuja. You could fly all the way to Abuja…but today you don’t. Today, many of our young people do not have jobs.

“Today there is disunity everywhere. We cannot continue like this as a country. This country needs someone who can stand up. This is why you need a bold and courageous person who can stand up for Nigerians.

“This country needs someone who can show that he can look Nigerians before himself and I have done that in the past and will always continue to look Nigeria first. As Speaker of the Senate, I stood up for Nigerians I was chased and chased and said no I will stand up for Nigerians If I can do it as the Speaker of the Senate with your support I will do it as the Speaker of the Nigeria.

“I will not stop until I end insecurity in Nigeria especially in the North West. We will end banditry. Our farmers will be able to return to the farm because when I was president of the senate we had a summit on security and i said to mr president ‘this is not possible, this is not possible’ before they said that saraki did not like this government but now they know. But with your votes, you will find safety. Our children will go to school without fear.

“I promise you because, for those who know me, I’m full of energy. I will work and work and work. Now is not the time to talk. Now is the time to act. Secondly and above all, I am a unifying man. I am a man who will unite Nigerians.

“I am a bridge between the north and the south. I am a bridge between the old and the young. Until you unite all Nigerians, we will have no progress. You need a man who will unite all Nigerians. You need a man who will bring back all dying industries.

“My dear delegates, now is the time to find someone who is not only respected here but also respected abroad, because you have also made that connection. You need a Nigerian who will continue to protect the ‘education.

“As a doctor, I will ensure that no one pays for medical services anymore. It is doable and I will do it so that our brothers do not go looking for money for admission. Let us find that person who can guide us and unite us because, without unity, there can be no peace. Without unity there can be no progress and without unity there can be no economic empowerment.