• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Nashik City Residents Seek Better Medical Services at New Bytco Hospital | Nashik News

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Jun 2, 2022
NASHIK: Residents of the city have asked the administration of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to provide better medical services – from outpatient department (OPD) to surgeries – to help ordinary people in its new Bytco Hospital.
New Bytco Hospital, which was converted into a Covid hospital during the pandemic, is now waiting to start providing non-Covid treatment. Even the MRI machine, purchased about two years ago, is not yet operational due to a lack of radiologists.
Jagadish Pawar, a former corporal from the area, said, “NMC has built a big hospital, but it has yet to provide full medical services. Covid treatment was provided at the hospital during the pandemic, but that is over now and there are no Covid patients at Bytco.
There have been MRI and CT scanners but they are not operational due to lack of manpower. As a result, residents have to go to private hospitals. It is unfortunate that the civic body cannot hire radiologists to operate these machines, Pawar said.
P Suryavanshi, a resident of the city, reiterated the same. The NMC administration should convert this hospital into a multi-specialty hospital for the poor and middle classes, he said.
NMC Medical Superintendent Bapusaheb Nagargoje said they are in the process of starting all non-Covid services. At present, the civil works for two operating theaters are in progress. Additionally, all services from the old Bytco Hospital are now to be transferred to the New Bytco Hospital, soon after the completion of the civic works.