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Marc Márquez The last arm surgery considered a success by his medical team

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Jun 3, 2022

Six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Márquez has had a tough time over the past two years. Once considered nearly unstoppable, the undeniably talented runner has experienced severe medical bad luck since breaking his right arm in July 2020. Since then, he has undergone multiple surgeries and been diagnosed twice with diplopia (this is a double vision, and no doubt a major liability on the track), and tried to keep racing through it all.

Having a strong will is one thing, but the physical limitations imposed by his previous injuries have prevented Márquez from achieving his goals. That’s why Márquez and his medical team arranged for a fourth surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to try to further address some of the physical limitations he had.

On June 3, 2022, the Box Repsol team announced that Márquez’s operation was successfully completed in three hours. The surgical team was led by Dr. Joaquin Sánchez Sotelo and went smoothly and without complications, according to reports. For now, Márquez will remain in the United States as he begins his post-surgery recovery. Once he is deemed fit to travel, he will return to Spain to continue the treatment plan agreed upon by his medical team.

What did the doctors do, exactly? Fortunately, Dr. Sánchez Sotelo, who is the chair of the shoulder and elbow surgery division at the Mayo Clinic, has described the process in detail.

“Today we had the opportunity to operate on the right humerus of Mr. Marc Márquez. The procedure was carried out in approximately three hours. Despite the complexity of the procedure, the final result was satisfactory”, said he began.

“The surgery involved removing the 2 proximal posterior plate screws previously placed by Dr. Samuel Antuña in December 2020, followed by a rotational humeral osteotomy. One such procedure involves creating a cross section of the humeral bone to make rotate the humerus along its longitudinal axis The amount of rotation performed today was approximately 30 degrees of external rotation The humerus was stabilized in the new position using an anterior screw plate many,” he explained.

“The operation went off without incident. We wish Mr. Márquez a speedy recovery and a successful return to his professional career,” concluded Dr. Sánchez Sotelo.

Hopefully the recovery goes as smoothly as possible and that this operation can finally help restore Márquez to a level of physical ability he finds satisfactory to achieve his goals.