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Maradona’s medical team will be tried for manslaughter — MercoPress

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Jun 23, 2022

Maradona’s medical team will face trial for manslaughter

Thursday, June 23, 2022 – 20:56 UTC

Maradona’s chances of survival could have been higher had he remained hospitalized in a clinic, the prosecution alleges.

Eight medical professionals, including two doctors, have been formally charged with negligence in the death of iconic Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona, it was announced at the San Isidro courthouse in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.

The defendants are to be held liable for “mere possible malicious homicide”, which would roughly amount to negligent manslaughter and carries a sentence of 8 to 25 years in prison.

Among the defendants are brain surgeon Leopoldo Luciano Luque (40), psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov (36), general practitioner Pedro Pablo Di Spagna (49) and psychologist Carlos Ángel “Charly” Díaz (30) as well as nurses and other health care providers.

“The conduct which each of the defendants allegedly displayed, failing to comply with the mandate to act which good medical practice placed in their heads, while I must stress once again, they were aware of the situation of risk to legal property , the position of guarantor they occupied and the certain possibility of acting, would have provided the malevolence required by the figure of article 79 of the penal code, in this case under the formulation of possible malice”, declared the judge in his indictment.

The magistrate also underlined that there was an “absence of interposition of any saving action which could avoid death” and an “internal acceptance of the defendants of the possible occurrence of the result finally produced”.

“Each of the defendants, by virtue of the place he concretely occupied in the overall configuration of the event in question, would have exercised co-dominion over the fact, deciding on its integral occurrence, according to the contributions of each of them. introduced. in the fatal outcome, all essential to the achievement of the result obtained,” the 236-page brief also states.

Luque has also been accused of using a fake signature of Maradona to request a medical file, while Cosachov is to account for issuing a note stating that Maradona is mentally fit for the operation without even visiting the patient. .

The judge thus acquiesced in the prosecution’s opinion that the defendants were “deficient”, “reckless” and “indifferent”, and that they knew that Maradona could die in the condition he was in and did not did nothing to prevent it.

The defendants will remain out of jail for the duration of their trial.

Maradona died in Tigre on November 25, 2020, amid lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, in a house he had rented for his recovery from brain surgery for subdural edema.

The autopsy also revealed that the former player died of “acute pulmonary edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure” and discovered “dilated cardiomyopathy”.

According to 17 of the 22 experts who participated in the forensic investigation, Maradona was a polypathological patient who “did not fully use his mental faculties” and could have had “a better chance of survival” if he had been hospitalized in a clinic.

Maradona agonized for at least 12 hours due to “deficient attention in a home hospitalization which was not appropriate” for Maradona’s condition, despite being “approved by the treating medical team“, supported the charge.