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KSrelief medical team and Al-Balsam group save the life of a young Yemeni girl

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

May 28, 2022

AL-MUKALLA, Yemen — The volunteer medical team of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief), in cooperation with Al-Balsam International Organization, saved the life of a 5-year-old Yemeni patient who suffered from an open heart duct which successfully underwent a meticulous catheterization procedure.

The operation was carried out under the 11th voluntary medical project of the “Saudi Pulse” voluntary program for open heart disease and children’s surgeries in Al-Mukalla, Hadhramout, in cooperation with the Al-Balsam International Organization.

The Yemeni girl’s father said he tried to treat her in Sanaa, but due to the high cost of the catheterization process, which amounts to seven million Yemeni riyals, the equivalent of $7,500 , and due to his difficult financial situation, he was unable to perform the planned operation for his daughter.

He added that his son had already undergone an operation at the Saudi Pulse center in Al-Mukalla, which prompted him to contact them and seek help from the center’s supervisor, Mohammed Bashaib, who informed him of the availability of the KSrelief voluntary medical campaign in cooperation. with the Al-Balsam International Organization.

The father was advised to bring his daughter for medical tests and catheterization, which were offered free of charge.

The father added that they arrived at the center within 24 hours and upon arrival the medical team carried out the necessary medical tests and arranged an appointment for the operation the same day.

He added that his daughter is in good condition after the catheterization, expressing his sincere thanks and gratitude to KSRelief and the team of volunteers from the Al-Balsam International Organization, as well as all those who contributed to the rescue. setting up this charity campaign, which has saved the lives of many patients in Yemen.

The voluntary “Saudi Pulse” program for heart disease and surgery appreciated KSRelief’s efforts to offer medical treatment for these difficult cases and to provide various forms of assistance to patients and injured people in Yemen.

KSRelief, in cooperation with Al-Balsam International Organization, has been implementing the 11th “Saudi Pulse” voluntary program for heart diseases and surgeries since last April in Al-Mukalla.

He has successfully performed 19 open-heart surgeries and 67 therapeutic catheterization operations, and is an extension of the voluntary medical projects implemented by KSRelief in various disciplines to help low-income individuals and families around the world.

Meanwhile, in Hajjah, Yemen, supported by KSrelief, the Emergency Center for Epidemic Disease Control in Hiran District, Hajjah Governorate, provided treatment services to 4,001 patients during the period from 4 to May 10, 2022 AD.

About 258 beneficiaries visited the emergency clinic, 218 internal medicine clinics, 761 epidemiology clinics, 4 isolation wards, 282 the laboratory ward, 1,237 people received medicine, 1,237 visited the awareness and education, 4 medical referral service, 505 observation section, while 4 waste disposal activities were implemented. — SPA