• Tue. Nov 22nd, 2022

Kay Ivey refuses questions about medical treatments

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Aug 30, 2022

AUBURN — Gov. Kay Ivey said Tuesday she received “good health,” but again declined to answer questions about any recent medical treatments she may have recently received.

The governor, who did not respond to questions about the shutdown of public activities earlier this month, said she wanted to focus on educational priorities.

“Let’s get to the important things in life, and let’s move on,” the governor said after addressing the Alabama Governor’s Conference on Tourism on Tuesday.

Ivey made no public appearances between August 2 and August 23, which fueled rumors about his health. After AL.com published a column stating that its office had refused to answer questions about Ivey’s whereabouts for a week, the office said Ivey was “doing great” and “continue to thank God.” for keeping her healthy and cancer-free.”

stay mumGovernor Ivey makes his first public appearance since Aug. 2; will not answer questions about treatments

AfterGovernor Kay Ivey’s office releases photo amid health rumors

The bureau has not responded to questions about medical treatments in the past month. During an appearance at Dalraida Primary School on August 23, Ivey accused the media of wanting to “make these rumors a reality and an existence”, but refused to answer two questions about medical care and repeated the same answer almost verbatim to both.

Ivey, who turns 78 in October, was diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer in 2019. The governor’s office said in January 2020 that radiation treatments appeared to have cleared up the cancer.

Alabama Republicans renominated Ivey for governor in May, and Ivey is a heavy favorite to win a second full term in November. If she completes her term in January 2027, she will have served the longest continuous period as governor in Alabama history.

During an appearance in Auburn on Tuesday, Ivey touted the growth of the state’s tourism industry, saying it was on track to hit $24 billion this year.

“I assure you that you have a governor who is 1000% committed to supporting the tourism industry and the work of each of you,” she said.