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Hospitals in the capital have made special arrangements for medical services

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

May 25, 2022

All major public sector hospitals in the federal capital have made special arrangements to ensure uninterrupted medical services to citizens.

The two major hospitals in the federal capital – Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Polyclinic (FGPC) will remain on high alert, keeping the situation in mind.

According to an official at PIMS Hospital, all heads of departments have been instructed to make necessary arrangements in this regard to deal with any emergency situation.

All Heads of Clinical Departments have also been instructed to ensure their availability and presence at the local stations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and no one will be allowed to leave the station without the prior approval of the Dean/CEO, PIMS during the long walk.

The Heads of Clinics of the departments have been asked to draw up an emergency file of the doctors concerned to perform emergency duties as well as the first and second senior doctors on duty in the departments including the General Surgery Service, the General Medicine Service , the Service of Neuro Surgery, the Service of Orthopedics Department, Emergency and Accident Center, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Blood Bank.

Likewise, the administration of the FGPC hospital has ordered all department heads, specialists, doctors, blood bank officers, deputy chief superintendent, security officers and all store technicians not to leave the station and will remain accessible and available to reach the hospital immediately. in case of emergency.

The blood bank manager has been advised to keep blood supplies on hand for at least 100 bags while the transport supervisor will keep all ambulances as well as drivers in a functional and ready position.

The Medical Stores DED will ensure an adequate supply of medical supplies in the casualty wards while the DED General Stores will ensure the availability of sufficient store items in the emergency and other departments. The Incharge Oxygen will ensure a sufficient supply of gas and will remain available in the hospital.

The head of the emergency department was asked to remain on high alert in the emergency department to respond to any emergency situation in addition to reserving 20 beds (10 men and 10 women) in the emergency department.