• Tue. Nov 22nd, 2022

ARDI policyholders will receive premium medical services at ACIBADEM Turkish hospitals » FINCHANNEL

ByMadeleine J. Pierce

Oct 25, 2022

As one of the many advantages for ARDI policyholders, the ACIBADEM Memorandum now makes it possible to benefit from the services of one of the world’s leading medical networks, ACIBADEM, thanks to new exclusive conditions. ARDI policyholders and their families can now benefit from the loyalty program and receive medical services in 16 hospitals and 8 outpatient clinics of ACIBADEM Turkey.

The Health Point Card is a loyalty program created specifically for ARDI policyholders which offers up to 10 privileged services, including: an exclusive 25% discount on all ACIBADEM services, a 40% discount on a medical visit complete (check-up), sets minimum prices for operations carried out with a unique cyber tool (CyberKnife) and positron emission tomography (PET-CT). This is an unprecedented product in the Georgian and Turkish markets, said Teona Goderidze, head of business development department.

Services also include free written second medical opinion by ACIBADEM doctors, free dental check-up, use of ACIBADEM lounges at Turkish airports, free pick-up and premium transfers from airports, increasing discounts at various hotels and restaurants, emergency services when visiting Turkey, and the assistance of an interpreter.

The loyalty program will be updated with additional services and benefits, which will be automatically available to ARDI policyholders for the next 5 years.

According to Michael Japaridze, Managing Director of ARDI, the benefits of the health points card will also be available to the spouse and children (not mandatory to be beneficiaries of ARDI) of its owner and the loyalty card can be activated with the help of ARDI Family Physicians.

“ACIBADEM is one of the most requested medical institutions by Georgian patients. Our cooperation with ARDI started in 2019, and the success exceeded our expectations, so we decided to take a whole new step.

We hope that the new “Health Point Card” loyalty program with its exclusive advantages, will create even more comfort and satisfaction through the services of the ACIBADEM network,” said Rasim Topuz, CEO of Acibadem.

Along with the signing of the memorandum, an important opportunity was also announced. According to the CEO of the ACIBADEM, the doctors affiliated and partners of the ARDI will be able to move up in rank annually and retrain within the University ACIBADEM.

ACIBADEM representatives discussed various relevant topics in the field of health. In particular, Dr Prof. FARUK ABİKE, the eminent oncologist-gynecologist from ACIBADEM shared his knowledge and experience using state-of-the-art laparoscopic (Da Vinci) robotic surgery with representatives from the medical field, as well as private and public sectors. The practice has developed rapidly both globally and within the ACIBADEM network and serves to form the latest medical direction – intuitive surgery.