• Sun. May 22nd, 2022

ARC fertility: get vaccinated and undergo fertility medical treatments

Leading national provider of fertility medical services encourages expectant parents to get vaccinated and not delay fertility treatments

ARC Fertility, a pioneer of innovative fertility treatment options, today urged people undergoing or considering medical treatments for fertility to receive COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible and ignore rumors that no based on potential problems with fertility and pregnancy. The CRA’s recommendations are based on recent American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines on COVID and fertility, which state that “there are no fertility-related reasons for a vaccine exemption.” .

“There is a lot of misinformation about COVID vaccines, but all of the reputable medical research shows that inoculations have no impact on the ability to conceive, stay pregnant, and deliver healthy babies,” he said. Dr David Adamson, CEO and President of ARC Fertility. “It’s essential that people base their decisions on solid medical evidence rather than unproven theories and things they read on social media. Unless there are issues where a woman is immunocompromised or there may be other contraindications, getting the vaccine is not essential for promoting individual and community health and ensuring a healthier pregnancy and more sure. ”

In addition to supporting immunizations for men and women planning to have children, ARC Fertility also encourages all patients to adhere to COVID-19 mitigation protocols. “It is imperative that people do everything possible to stay safe and free from infection, and that includes taking all necessary precautions to avoid disease,” Adamson said. “Whenever possible, people should speak remotely with their doctors and fertility experts, and of course all clinics follow the strictest safety standards to ensure their patients stay healthy when they are. present for treatments. ”

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